- Maintenance Contracts
- Pool/Gate Access Systems
- Vehicle Detection System

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Maintenance Contracts are available to cater for your communities needs, from pool/garage access maintenance to gate maintenance, quarterly and yearly contracts. Our customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having an annual maintenance contract in place. With a maintenance contract we will carry out a full service of all your equipment. For more information please click the link below.




The user enters his personal card/token, if he is registered in the system, he is allowed access; Otherwise, it is rejected. The system administrator can sign up and down the various codes associated with each user as many times as he wants.



For security reasons, the entrance to a gated community is controlled by either a security guard or an unmanned system. Typically unmanned systems require an authorized code or a handheld remote to open the gate. Having a vehicle detection system installed on your community means only people with a vehicle can open the gate once on the designated area.