Electronic audio and video door entry systems

Access by means of a numerical code.

Access using a proximity card or token.

Access using a proximity card or token.

A passive sensing technology to detect large ferrous objects.

7 Reasons why you need Access Control Systems to improve your Business/Community Security


Protect your Employees/Residents:- providing a safe environment.

Restrict Unauthorised Access & Reduce Theft:- control who has access to where and at what time.

Electronic Visitor & History Logging:- every access is logged & recorded.

Eliminate Key Problems:- no more keys, you can use a swipe card, tags, fingerprints or even your mobile phone.

Customize Individual Schedules:- set up time schedules for employees, short term access for cleaners or restrict certain areas.

Provide Remote Access:- does a contractor need to access building but no-one is on site to let them in? You can provide access to your site remotely and you always know who is coming and going.

Reduce Energy Bills and Protect Environment:- your access control system can integrate with building management system to turn off unnecessary lighting or heating in unoccupied areas.